Random stuff giveaway

Like surprises and free products?

Who doesn't?! Lonely leftover products looking for a new home. Use code “RANDOMSTUFF” and we'll add a little surprise gift to your order, free of charge. Crazy? Absolutely! But… YES, PLEASE! Offer valid while stocks last!

But really, what IS Random Stuff Giveaway?

Sometimes it happens. A product doesn't sell all of a sudden, stays behind in the warehouse, gathers dust, AND nothing is wrong with it! To avoid unnecessary waste and save fully functioning items – enter Random Stuff Giveaway. A special offer where you get a randomly selected bonus product with your purchase at lyko.com. While stocks last!

What products are we talking about?

Whatnot? Random hair ties, nail polishes, surprising shower gels, and “old” advent calendars… The price tags vary as well. So exciting, right? It's like a lottery and no product will work for everyone, but every product will work for someone. Got an item you didn't quite care for? Pass it on to the next beauty nerd! 

Is there anything wrong with the products?

“Wrong” isn't the right word – all products work the way they're supposed to! They might just be hard to sell and left behind for different reasons. Could be the packaging isn't intact, minor imperfections like scratches. Or out-of-season items (think sunscreen in November), a drop in demand, or short expiry dates. Whatever it is, no product has been previously used.

Join our Random Stuff Giveaway!

Enter the code “RANDOMSTUFF” at checkout and get a totally random free surprise gift. Let the surprise lottery begin and lady luck be on your side!

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