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LH cosmetics

Basic Elements 3 g
3 Reviews
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Inspired by the periodic table, this palette contains four intense, shiny and absolutely stunning shades that will be sure to give you a radiant look every time. All shades are highly pigmented with a creamy, smooth formula that easily blends on to the skin for a flawless application. Use the shadows alone or as a toppers for an extra shiny finish. Let your creativity flow and create elementary looks that are far from ordinary. In true LH cosmetics spirit all shades are of course multi-use, 100% vegan & cruelty-free.

Apply Basic Elements with your fingers and/or a brush. For a more intense look, spray your brush with On set - long lasting setting spray before applying the shadow.
For a softer result: apply the shadows with a dry brush.
For a high shine metallic result: apply the shadows with your finger.

3,2 g

  • Category:Eyeshadow
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