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Verso Skincare
Super Elixir 30 ml

1 Reviews
1 800 kr
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We proudly present Verso Super Elixir, the first-ever product with NEAR 1, a new unique molecule developed and patented by Verso Skincare. NEAR 1 (Niacinamidoethyl Retinoate) has the potential to reduce dullness and visibly improve the appearance of uneven skin tone.
Verso Super Elixir is a brightening facial oil for a radiant complexion. It is formulated and developed to target the appearance of uneven skin tone. Studies shows this formula to be hypoallergenic and, except for NEAR 1, this formula contains a few highly concentrated and functional ingredients to increase the skin´s resistance to the visible effects of environmental stressors. The new unique molecule, NEAR 1 (Niacinamidoethyl Retinoate), combines the best of two worlds; Vitamin A and Niacinamide, where Niacinamide stabilizes Vitamin A. Due to its stable form, this combination can deliver the benefits of both Vitamin A and Niacinamide. Studies show that NEAR 1 is hypoallergenic and effectively decreases the appearance of uneven skin tone, resulting in the appearance of an even skin tone with a healthy-looking glow. Licorice Root, boosting a soothed and brightened appearance. One of the nurturant ingredients in this formula is Squalane, an oil-soluble ingredient found in the skin’s natural oil, called sebum. Its properties make it easily absorbed by the skin and suitable for all skin types. Squalane has longlasting moisturizing benefits and helps take care of your skin and increasing its natural defenses.

Apply a few drops in the morning and/or evening on cleansed skin. If you tend to have an oily complexion, we recommend that you start with fewer drops. Use it alone or together with other skincare products. The product can safely be used during the daytime, but we always recommend sun protection during the day, at least SPF 30, to maintain the results and healthy-looking skin.

30 ml

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