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Menstrual Cup Soft Medium

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399 kr
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Meet CleanCup - The Menstrual Cup Uniquely Fit for Your Comfort.

Here's why you'll love your CleanCup:
So comfy! CleanCup has a soft, flexible stem that moves with you, utilizing a BubbleTech shape that makes the cup fit like a dream, and a unique angled design (your body is asymmetrical, so CleanCup is too!) giving you the comfiest and most secure menstrual cup ever.

Super safe! Our cups are made from 100% medical-grade silicone that meets top-notch safety standards so you know you're in good hands.

Easy-peasy cleaning: Our new, innovative, EasyClean surface makes CleanCup a breeze to clean and helps keep bacteria away, so it stays fresh and hygienic.

Choosing CleanCup is choosing sustainability. Disposable menstrual products contribute to enormous waste yearly, often taking centuries to decompose. With proper care, CleanCup can last for years, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Which Variant Should I Choose?
CleanCup offers various firmness options to best match your needs:

Beginners: We recommend the firm variant. Its structure is designed to ease your introduction to menstrual cups, ensuring a comfortable and leak-proof experience. For size, the Medium cup is our go-to recommendation for newcomers.
Experienced Users: If you've tried menstrual cups before and found them too firm, our soft version might be the perfect fit for you.
Low Cervix: For those who are aware they have a low cervix, we suggest opting for our short cup to ensure optimal comfort and fit.


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