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Lace Front Wi
35cm 5.0 Brown

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A trendy wig with stylish, straight, short lengths (approx. 35 cm). Change your look and hair colour for the day with a pre-styled wig!

This wig is made of a lightweight synthetic material with a natural gloss for authentic results. The front of the wig consists of flesh-toned mesh. Each strand is tied with love, creating a base similar to the natural scalp for a variety of styling options. You can adapt the mesh to your own hairline by cutting or sewing it in the desired shape to frame your face.

The crown, back and sides of the wig are sewn in sections. The back features elastic fasteners for adjustment. Built-in hair combs at the sides provide added hold.

The hair consists of synthetic fibers and the wig comes ready-styled. This translates to very easy care and prevents the wig from being able to withstand heat styling.

The Rapunzel Lace Front wig is perfect for first-time wig users, or those seeking variation in colors and models as needed.

Material: Synthetic hair with built-in combs and adjustable elastic bands.

Size: Onesize

Not heat resistant. Hair guide: All your new synthetic extensions need is a little love and care. Follow these instructions to keep your Clip-on set looking as good possible for as long as possible. Its lifetime will vary depending on how often you use your new hair and how often it is washed. The less often you wash your hair, the longer it will last.


Use a metal brush. Brush your hair piece before washing. Start at the ends and work upward in sections to work out any tangles. Rinse your hair in cool water, then apply shampoo and conditioner, avoiding rubbing. Rinse thoroughly between applications and then let your hair dry naturally.


Your synthetic hair piece comes styled and ready. Brush through it with a metal brush after use to keep it tangle-free. To give it the longest possible life, avoid using heat styling tools such as curling or straightening irons, or styling products, while styling your synthetic hair. Excessive heat can cause the hair to melt. In order to help the hair piece keep its shape, it should preferably be stored in the original package or in a container intended for extensions.
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