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My First Essener 100 ml
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It is a mixture of an essence and a toner, containing a rather modest list of quality ingredients. Featuring both Green Tea and Mugwort Extract, this 'Essener' is designed to take the place of your essence and toner, respectively, offering the best of both worlds without needing to reach for two different products

2-in-1 toner/essence formulated with natural ingredients to hydrate all skin types in one step
It is a combination of the hydrating benefits of a toner and skin nourishing benefits of an essence. It aims to reduce the steps in your skincare routine by providing a strong moisturizing effect in one go.
It is a booster for soothing and nourishing skin and uses 389 Green Tea leaves and Mugwort to calm the skin.
The Essener uses an organic seasonal water base instead of purified water to increase the skin's nourishment. This base is made of 42% Green Tea water using leaves with a Dark Green Scent (Sioris waits one full year until the color and scent of the green tea has fully developed, meaning that the freshest green tea water can only be gathered once a year)
It is rich in Vitamin B and catechins which soothe irritation and strengthen the skin barrier.

42% Green Tea Extract from Bo-seong, Korea;
Jeonnam BoseongOrganic Green Tea Extract gathered once a year and distilled from plant ingredients without chemical solvents. It contains catechins and vitamin B that help soothe and protect irritated skin.

1% Mugwort Leaf Extract;
Also known as Artemisia, has skin healing and soothing properties. Its antioxidant properties help strengthen the natural skin barrier.

Polyglutamic Acid(PGA);
It is derived from fermented soybeans and helps skin retain moisture for longer by holding approximately 5000 times its weight in water.

1. Spread a small amount of it on your fingers and dab it over your face.
2. Avoid wiping the product. If the product is placed on our fingers before application, we help it have a temperature more similar to our body’s.

100 ml

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