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Make Love It's Christmas Advent Calendar

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Merry Christmas - Make the cozy but cold Christmas time a little extra hot with an enjoyable advent calendar!

It is easy for us to forget our own needs in the midst of the Christmas stress with all the Christmas gift, decoration and everything else related to Christmas. With this advent calendar you get a daily reminder to also focus on yourselves. Every day you can open one of the beautiful boxes, each of which is filled with well-chosen pleasure products. Every day that passes you will become more and more excited about what lies ahead in the next box. Promise each other to take your time together every day to try and enjoy today's hot Christmas present.

Make Love Its Christmas Advent Calendar's total value is more than £300 and is perfect for couples. A little teaser is that under one of the hatches hides an original from Womanizer in an exclusive color.

Womanizer is world famous for its incredible ability to make women enjoy. With the help of compressed air impulses, Womanizer incredibly effectively stimulates the clitoris. In addition to this exclusive product, this Advent calendar hides an additional 23 surprises – simply an offer that's too good to forgo!

Make Love It's Christmas Advent Calendar contains 24 boxes of different sizes that each hide a unique pleasure product – products that are guaranteed to give you a spicier and more glorious Christmas.

Make Love It's Christmas Advent Calendar also includes a brochure with interesting tips (about sex) and information about the products, if you want to peek at what is hidden behind all the windows.

The calendar and boxes are made of sturdy cardboard. The calendar looks like a book and can be opened and set up.

1 x Womanizer
8 x sex toys
3 x underwear
4 x stimulation
4 x soft bondage
4 x pharmacy items.

The brochure is in German and English
Width:31.8 cm
Height: 19.5 cm
Length: 42.7 cm
Batteries: 6 x LR44 (included)

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