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  • These General Terms and Conditions explain how our loyalty program Club Lyko, a service offered to our members (the "Service"), as well as our additional services which are available through our website or in our app, works.
  • The service is offered by Lyko Sverige AB, org. nr: 556575-3018, Sveavägen 53, 113 59 Stockholm, Sweden.
  • The offers made via the Service are subject to availability and are subject to change without notice.
  • As a member, you get access to both personal and general offers. Your personal offers are based on your purchase pattern when you are logged in to your account.
  • Our loyalty program is available to anyone who is at least 18 years old. If you are under the age of 18, you may only use the Service with a parent or guardian.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Last revision: 2024-02-19


General Terms and Conditions Full Version

Last revision: 2024-02-19

Table of contents


Club Lyko – General Terms and Conditions

Last revision: 2024-02-19

1. General

1.1 These general terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply when we at Lyko Sverige AB, org. nr: 556575-3018, Sveavägen 53, 113 59 Stockholm, Sweden, e-mail: (“Lyko”), offer general membership offers and personal membership offers on selected products, product recommendations as well as the opportunity to get access to discounts, to you who have registered and become a member of Club Lyko (the "Service").

1.2 These Terms therefore apply in addition to the terms and conditions that apply to your purchases of goods from Lyko.

1.3 To become a member of Club Lyko, and thus be able to use the Service, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are under 18 years of age, you may only use the Service with your parent or guardian.

1.4 You become a member by registering on our website or our app, or by registering at the cash register when you buy Lyko's products in store.

1.5 By becoming a member of Club Lyko and using the Service, you approve and accept the Terms.

2. Club Lyko – The Service

2.1 Registering as a member of Club Lyko is completely free. Fees from your telecommunications and internet operator as well as any credit and banking information from your payment service provider may apply.

2.2 As a member of Club Lyko you will have access to general membership offers on selected products. As a member of Club Lyko, you also have the opportunity to save/tag items you want to buy later, get alerts when products are back in stock, and write product reviews.

2.3 In order for your purchases to be registered, you must be logged in to your member account when making a purchase at, or show identification when you are making a purchase in store.

2.4 By purchasing products and services from Lyko when you are a Club Lyko member, you will have the opportunity to reach different membership levels. Once you have reached a certain membership level, we will reward your loyalty with additional offers.

2.5 The following applies to membership levels: Your purchases one year back in time are added together and determine which membership level you end up with in Club Lyko. For each level there are special offers and benefits. When a year has passed since a purchase, it is no longer a basis for your membership level, and you may end up at a lower level than before.

2.6 As part of your membership, you will receive personal offers. In order to provide you with personalized offers and discounts according to your preferences and interests, we collect and process information about your purchase history and purchase pattern, with the specific goal of designing and offering you personalized discounts and offers based on what we believe you are interested in. Specific offers on selected products will be sent to you via e-mail or SMS. They will also appear under My Pages when you log in to your account at For more information on how your personal information is processed and your rights, please read the Club Lyko Privacy Policy.

3. Your information

3.1 By approving and accepting these Terms, you assure and guarantee that all information you upload and enter into the Service is your own, that you own it and have the right to use it.

3.2 By approving and accepting these Terms, you assure and guarantee that all information you upload and enter into the Service does not violate the rights of others, or is otherwise in violation of the law.

3.3 When you create a member account, we will ask you to provide your e-mail address. In order to complete a purchase, you also need to provide your name, postal address and telephone number. If you want to pay by invoice or pay in installments, you will also have to provide your social security number. This information is necessary for us to be able to deliver products to you, as well as give you information about your orders. We will also use your e-mail address and telephone number to send out advertisements and newsletters about the Service to you. Lyko will also inform you when you are about to lose the membership level you are at, or when offers are about to expire. You can deactivate these types of news and information broadcasts at any time by going to My Pages at However, we will continue to send out certain information when it is necessary for you, for example when you must approve a change in our Terms in order to continue to use the Service.

3.4 A prerequisite for the Service is that Lyko collects and uses your personal information. For more information about how your personal information is used, what it means for you and how you can safeguard your rights, please read the Club Lyko Privacy Policy to be found here.

3.5 Aggregated data is collected and processed to follow and assess user trends that mean something to the Service. This means that information about your use of the Service is collected and then anonymized in a way that means that we can no longer connect the information to you. We use this anonymous information about how our customers use our services for statistics, service improvement and product development of the Service. This information will be completely anonymous and does not constitute personal information. It can therefore be stored longer than your personal information.

3.6 Anonymization means that data that was once personal information is removed from what can connect it to an individual and separated from what can make it possible to recreate this data to an individual in the future. This processing of data is a step further than the pseudonymization process, which means that certain information is kept separate to make it more difficult to identify a person who uses this information.

4. Offers, discounts and loyalty points program

Membership offers and discounts

4.1 The offers you are offered through the Service can only be used by you personally; you cannot transfer the offers to anyone else, whether that person is a member or not. The offers that become available to you through the Service will be displayed in your account when you are logged in to Offers and discounts are subject to change, updates and expiration at any time.

4.2 You can only use your offers and discounts during the time they are available via the Service. This applies to all offers, including the general, the personal, and the location-based offers. If you do not use a discount or an offer during the time it is offered via the Service, you will not be able to use it at all.

4.3 At Lyko, we will always strive to ensure that all our offers and discounts are up to date and correct, but we cannot guarantee that all offers and discounts offered through the Service are always available. This may, for example, be because certain products are sold out, before an offer has expired or been removed. Lyko is not responsible for any discrepancies between the offers and discounts presented via the Service and the availability of these.

Loyalty points program

4.4 When you buy products at, in the Lyko app or in a Lyko boutique as a Club Lyko member, you receive a certain number of loyalty points for every 1 EUR/DKK/NOK/PLN you spend with us. The same applies to the purchase of beauty treatments (e.g. haircuts or facial treatments) which Lyko offers in certain Lyko boutiques on the Scandinavian market.

4.5 The number of loyalty points which you receive results from the conversion of the purchase amount in your local currency into Swedish krona (SEK) according to the exchange rate published by the European Central Bank (ECB). For every 1 SEK you receive 4 loyalty points. For example, if you shop with us for 10 EUR and 10 EUR correspond to 100 SEK according to the ECB exchange rate, you will collect 400 loyalty points.

4.6 Lyko may temporarily increase the number of loyalty points which you receive for your purchase. The details will be determined individually within each promotion. An example could be that all Club Lyko members who have reached the membership level “Powerful Platinum” receive double loyalty points on their purchase within a weekend campaign. In the Lyko app under “My pages” you will be informed about such promotions in advance.

4.7 In order for your purchases to be registered and the loyalty points to be credited to you, you must be logged into your member account when placing an order at or in the Lyko app respectively you must prove your identity when shopping in one of our Lyko boutiques, so that we can confirm your membership. As soon as your online order has been delivered or your purchase in one of our Lyko boutiques has been completed, you can see the loyalty points you have collected in the Lyko app under “My pages”.

4.8 When placing an order in the Lyko app, you can at the same time redeem your previously collected loyalty points for products that are available in the loyalty points program. You choose the products in the Lyko app under “My pages”. Next to each product that is available in the loyalty points program, you can see the number of loyalty points that you need to have collected to be able to redeem them for the respective product. Please note that the product selection in the loyalty points program is continuously updated.

4.9 The loyalty points you have collected will be valid for a period of two years from the day you have collected them within a purchase. Loyalty points that are no longer valid will be deleted.

4.10 The loyalty points you collect when you a make a purchase as Club Lyko member can only be used by you personally. Loyalty points cannot be transferred to other people, whether they are Club Lyko members or not. Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash or any other means of credit or payment. Purchases payed with gift cards, shipping costs, invoice fees and charitable donations do not generate loyalty points.

In addition to this chapter, you will find more information in chapter 5 about the deletion of your loyalty points if you cancel your membership

5. Terminate membership

5.1 You can terminate your membership in Club Lyko at any time. This will mean that the Service is no longer available to you. The achieved membership level or any offers that were available to you before closing the account, will disappear and become unavailable. You will not be able to restore your membership level or offers.

5.2 Lyko has the right to terminate your membership immediately if you violate one or more points in this agreement. Your achieved membership level, or any offers that were available to you before closing the account, will disappear and become unavailable. You will not be able to restore your membership level or offers.

5.3 Once your membership has been terminated, Lyko will delete or anonymize all your personal information within thirty (30) days. At the end of these thirty (30) days, Lyko will not store any information that can be linked to you personally. For more information on how to delete and anonymize data, please read the Club Lyko Privacy Policy.

6. Terms and Conditions updates

6.1 We at Lyko will continuously strive to update and improve the Service, which means that these Terms can be changed or adapted over time. We therefore reserve the right to update and adjust the Terms at any time. Any updates will be announced on one or more of our information channels, for example via SMS, email or the website, as required by law.

6.2 The changes are valid and applicable from the time you have accepted the new Terms (in connection with a purchase) or thirty (30) days after we have informed you of the changes in accordance with the section above. Lyko nevertheless recommends that you regularly visit to stay up to date on our current Terms.

7. Force Majeure and Lyko's responsibility

7.1 Lyko is not responsible for delays, losses, or other problems occurring in connection with the Service, due to obstacles beyond Lyko's control, in events related to war, natural disasters, floods, lockouts, strikes, government intervention, fire, terrorism, vandalism, and other similar incidents. Such circumstances will always free Lyko from any liability.

7.2 Lyko will always strive for the Service to function properly and for the website to be updated, but Lyko cannot be held responsible for lost offers, or similar incidents, which arise due to technical errors with the Service. If you experience any technical problems with the Service, please contact us at

8. Intellectual property rights

8.1 Ownership and copyright of images and video material provided by you belong to you. Lyko, on the other hand, has the right to use such images and video material in order to offer services to you. This means, among other things, that Lyko has the right to store and copy them, and may provide such images and video material to any of our partners who help us with the operation and administration of our website and services.

8.2 All content and material available via the Service is protected by Lyko's copyright, trademark protection and/or other appropriate intellectual property rights law.

8.3 It is not permitted, without written permission from Lyko, to copy, distribute, reproduce, publish, or in any other similar way use the Content of the Service other than for its own personal use.

9. Complaints, disputes, and applicable law

9.1 Swedish law is applicable to these Terms, without application of its choice of law rules.

9.2 We seek first and foremost to resolve any questions and differences of opinion between the two of us in good faith. Please contact us at our customer service by email at and we will do our best to handle your questions and inquiries. You will also find our contact information on our website.

9.3 If we are unable to reach an agreement or if you are not satisfied with our handling of your case, you are welcome to contact the General Complaints Board or your local consumer counselor. We do not undertake to participate in alternative dispute resolution procedures, but we will state our position on the matter in the event of a dispute. We always follow the Complaints Board’s recommendations.

9.4 As a consumer, when buying something online, you have the right to use the EU's online dispute resolution platform, Online Dispute Resolution, (ODR). You can find this platform via the European Commission's website, or via this direct link:

9.5 Disputes due to the Terms or your use of the Service that cannot be resolved, or for any reason cannot be resolved in a conversation between us, via alternative dispute resolution or via ODR, shall be decided by the General Court.

9.6 If the court finds that one or more points in these Terms are invalid, illegal or not enforced, the point(s) shall be valid only to the extent permitted by applicable law. 

10. Additional services

10. 1 Lyko Booking

10.1.1 Welcome to Lyko Booking! With Lyko Booking you can gather all your booked treatments in one place, get an overview of your history and your previous bookings, and you have the opportunity to access further offers based on the bookings you have had!

10.1.2 As a member of Club Lyko, you have the opportunity to book treatments at our carefully selected collaboration salons, via our additional service Lyko Booking.

10.1.3 Lyko Booking is an additional service in Club Lyko, therefore you must be a member of Club Lyko to be able to place bookings. Please read through our General Terms and Conditions from the start, if you are booking for the first time, and therefore at the same time are registering as a member of Club Lyko. Also read the Club Lyko Privacy Policy which explains how we process the personal information of Club Lyko members.

10.1.4 You place a booking via Lyko Booking by searching for a salon or treatment. When you find a treatment you want to book, you do this easily via our booking function.

10.1.5 When you book a treatment, a contract is made between you and the salon you have chosen. Lyko is not part of your agreement with the salon and any complaints in connection with this are directed at the salon. On the other hand, we share personal data responsibility for the personal information you share with us, and with the salon, within the framework of Lyko Booking. For more information on what this entails and how we share personal information, please see section 5 on "When and how we share information with others", as well as section 12 "Additional Services" in the Club Lyko Privacy Policy.

10.1.6 All prices stated in Lyko Booking are starting prices. The price can be changed if the treatment takes longer than expected, or if you choose additional treatments.

10.1.7 You can easily cancel an appointment via Lyko Booking. To do this, go to your booking and click on "Cancel".

10.1.8 Cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours within the booked time. If you do not cancel by this time, you can be charged the entire amount by the salon, and the salon will in that case send you an invoice.

10.1.9 Your bookings will be used to further analyze what kind of marketing you receive from us, as we will be able to show you products and services we think you are interested in. Read more about this under section 4 "How and why we use your personal information" in the Club Lyko Privacy Policy.

10.1.10 Your bookings and treatments will be collected in a hair journal that you will have access to through your Club Lyko membership. You can choose to make this hair journal public for your Lyko Social contacts, if you use Lyko Social (see section 11). The salons where you carry out treatments will, under certain conditions, described in section 5 of the Club Lyko Privacy Policy, have access to your hair journal, in order to be able to give you relevant advice and help in the best way possible.

10.2 Lyko Social

10.2.1 Welcome to Lyko Social! Lyko Social is a social media platform for everyone who loves hair and beauty, where you have the opportunity to comment and rate salons, treatments and products, as well as create a profile where you can upload photos, videos and reviews of products and treatments that you have opinions about. You can also comment on other members' photos, videos and reviews.

10.2.2 As a member of Club Lyko, you have the opportunity to utilize our additional service Lyko Social.

10.2.3 If you want to evaluate or rate a product via Lyko Social, or create a Lyko Social profile, but have not yet become a member of Club Lyko, you will be referred to a registration page where you can easily become a member of Club Lyko.

10.2.4 Lyko Social is an additional service in Club Lyko, which is why you must be a member of Club Lyko to be able to use Lyko Social. Please read through our General Terms and Conditions from the start if you are registering as a member of Club Lyko, to gain access to Lyko Social. Also read through the Club Lyko Privacy Policy, which deals with how we use Club Lyko members' personal information.

10.2.5 If you have given us permission to import information from Facebook, the following information can be seen by other visitors at when you start using Lyko Social:

- Your profile picture
- Your first and last name

You can change the image or display name on My Pages at any time.

10.2.6 When you become a member of Club Lyko, you basically have a private profile. This means that your profile is not searchable by other users. When you start using the services in Lyko Social, your profile becomes searchable and can be found by others.

10.2.7 After activating the Lyko Social service, as described above, you have the option of choosing to have a private profile again. This only means that you are not searchable. If you comment or like something, this will be visible to other users, who will then be able to click on your profile.

10.2.8 When you use the additional service Lyko Social, you approve and accept that Lyko owns a perpetual license for your comments, ratings, reviews, photos and videos that you post and share on Lyko Social, about various products, treatments and services. This means that everything you share on Lyko Social can be used for marketing purposes by Lyko, including your name. If you do not agree to what is described above, do not activate or use the additional Lyko Social service.

10.2.9 If we ever, in external channels outside or our social media channels, want to use something you upload or share via Lyko Social, which includes a picture or video where you can be recognized (for example your face), we will ask for your permission in advance. 

10.3 Lyko AI

10.3.1 Use this service as your own personal shopping assistant and get tips on products that should suit you. You share your likes and dislikes, Lyko AI provides product recommendations based on your conversation with Lyko AI, your previous purchase history, stores you have shopped from, verified product ratings for items in our product range, and any content in your shopping basket. Individual brands and suppliers have no influence over what you are recommended.

10.3.2 When you activate the service in the App, you are presented with information about how Lyko AI works. You will have the opportunity to read these Terms of Use and Conditions and the Club Lyko Privacy Policy on how your personal data is handled. When you proceed and use Lyko AI, you enter into a binding agreement with Lyko and confirm that you have read the Club Lyko Privacy Policy.

10.3.3 The product recommendations you receive do not replace professional advice. If you are interested in specific advice for products regarding your health or are looking for advice on our intimate product line or prescription-free medication, we recommend that you seek professional help or visit a pharmacy.

10.3.4 Please note that the binding agreement on a purchase in terms of price and product information is the information provided to you at checkout. You cannot establish an agreement for the purchase or sale of brands and products between you and LYKO by using Lyko AI.

10.3.5 You may not use Lyko AI to provide instructions, ask questions or attempt to create content that:

  • Discriminates, causes offence, is perceived as unethical, relates to violence, is perceived as offensive or morally objectionable, could be construed as negative or damaging to LYKO, our customers, brands or products, or otherwise could be perceived as inappropriate;
  • Pretending to represent someone else or another brand;
  • Compare prices or conditions with other merchants or brands;
  • Attempts to identify and disclose the technical aspects, infrastructure, code, scripts, limitations and functionality of the service;
  • Is perceived as violating laws and regulations such as, but not limited to, the dissemination of hate speech, pornography, spam, phishing and other cyber-attacks, malware, or malicious software.

10.3.6 Lyko AI is a Beta service that we make available to our Club Lyko members as it is and as it is available. We can therefore not guarantee that the service works completely flawless or will be free from mistakes.  Lyko AI has limited resources which means that in case of overuse we may have to temporarily shut down the service for individual users. We may shut down the service, or restrict the use of it, at any time, without any responsibility or liability for compensation to you as a member.

10.3.7 This service uses AI functionality from Microsoft's Azure OpenAI. Special conditions apply to users, see here. By using this service, you have also accepted these Terms and Conditions.

10.3.8 Your membership to our customer club is personal and only allows one account per person. It is not allowed to create multiple Club Lyko accounts to circumvent these restrictions.

10.3.9 You may not use this service for purposes other than those permitted. You may not attempt to circumvent, hack, manipulate or otherwise damage the service. You must not use the service for illegal purposes or to encourage illegal activities. Nor may you share personal data when chatting with the service. Use in violation of these terms and conditions may result in suspension and may also result in us terminating your Club Lyko membership without being liable for compensation towards you.

10.3.10 Lyko AI is only active when you have an ongoing session with the service. You can refrain from using Lyko AI at any time.

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