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Nourishing Lip Gloss Glowberry
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Amazingly smooth consistency & gorgeous subtle colours make your lips look glossy & plump. Perfectly safe for you & kind to the one you kiss. “Glowberry“ - peachy shade with shimmer, perfect for tanned skin, warm-toned hair and those moments when you crave softness and glossy shine.

Why you’ll love it

- Rich consistency
- Nourishing
- Non-sticky
- Subtle plumped effect
- Gorgeous shades
- COSMOS Natural
- Vegan

Our lip gloss collection was a long time coming, but the result is worth the wait. They glide effortlessly across your lips like a summer’s holiday, leaving them delightfully glossy while the shades breathe the latest makeup trends.

Are they long-lasting? If you don’t lick or secretly bite your lips, eat, drink and kiss - they’ll wear very well! Otherwise, we recommend applying the gloss every two hours. But believe us, you’ll want to retouch even when you don’t need to - they’re that amazing. Containing natural oils and waxes, our lip gloss nourishes, softens and protects your lips from pollution.

Apply plenty, the 100% natural ingredients are kind to you and everyone kissing you.

5 ml

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