Makeup Brush Cleaner And Dryer Gift Set Rainbow
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The STYLPRO Gift Set comes complete with a blush, mermaid, rainbow or cheetah print STYLPRO device, 150ml STYLPRO Vegan Cleanser & 2 professional, high-definition makeup brushes. Everything you need to clean and dry makeup brushes in less than 30 seconds, and that little something extra.
The STYLPRO gift set not only comes with a custom print STYLPRO device, but two soft, high-definition makeup brushes and a 150ml bottle of Vegan Makeup Brush Cleanser. Choose from our Glitter, Blush, Pearl, Rainbow, or fierce Cheetah print designs, to bring the party to a friend’s makeup bag! There is no greater gift than saving someone of the dreaded hours waiting for washed brushes to dry. The STYLPRO transforms the cleaning process into just seconds!
The STYLPRO device uses centrifugal technology to wash and dry brushes in less than 30 seconds, using our luscious Vegan Cleanser to condition and revive brushes. Simply attach your brush to the device using one of the 8 silicone collars, submerge in the cleanser, flick the switch, and spin your brushes to complete dryness. Cleaning brushes will never be the same again!

Select a collar to fit your makeup brush.
Attach the brush to the STYLPRO device.
Add STYLPRO Vegan Cleaner to the STYLPRO Tritan bowl (DO NOT add water) Gently dunk your brush in and out of the STYLPRO Vegan Cleanser to start melting away makeup.
Turn on the STYLPRO device and spin the makeup brush clean in the solution for 10 seconds.
Lift the brush above the cleanser and spin dry for 10 seconds (please make sure you keep the brush inside the bowl when drying).
Detach brush and collar from device, ready for immediate use!


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