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Classic Eye Set
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Classic Eye Set consists of five brushes from our Classic Collection. The high-quality synthetic hair is designed to provide an ultra-soft application and optimal pick up. The most sensitive area of the face is the eye area. Each of our brushes is crafted with super soft bristles that does not irritate your skin. Hickap’s Classic Eye Set provides the tools you need to apply your eye make-up like a professional: pack color onto the lids or place concealer under the eyes before effortlessly blending into place. All brushes are 100% vegan!

Brushes included in the Classic Eye Set and how to use them:

113 Eye Blending Brush
A brush with a large and soft brush head, designed for blending eye shadow evenly on the lid. Gently pat color onto the eyelids and blend using circular motions to create professional eye looks. This brush can be used with creams as well as loose and pressed powders.

116 Intense Shade
A dense brush with a flatter silhouette and a gently rounded tip that picks up a lot of product. Use it to put shadow evenly all over the eyelid and shade the curves of the socket, or lay down more color for more intensity. It softens harsh lines and edges in just a few strokes. The extra compact shape makes it perfect for detailed and precise application.

117 Angled Eyebrow
This flat-shaped brush with an angled tip is designed for defining and shaping the brows while firmly distributing color. A compact and small brush with dense hairs that gives you full control of the eyebrows. Soak the brush a little for more precision.

118 Detailed Crease
A detail brush that makes it easier to fade colors in a controlled way. The brush is perfect for intense shading and color effects in the globe line or outer corner of the eye. With this brush you create serious depth in the eye.

120 Short Shading
This flat brush is designed to apply a base layer of eye shadow to the lid, but the versatile shape works for blending, shading, and carving out the crease, too. The flat tip is tapered on the sides for seamless contouring and sculpting.

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