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Classic Face Set
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Hickap’s Classic Face Set is a set of vegan brushes with high-quality synthetic bristles for optimal pick up and soft application. Apply foundation, powder and contour products over the face to enhance and define contours – or achieve a seamless coverage with your favorite liquid products. Hickap’s brushes are 100% vegan. Because we use synthetic bristles, it is easier to clean the brushes and keep them fresh for a long time. The high-quality synthetic hair is designed to provide an ultra-soft application and optimal pick up. No animal hairs are used!
Care: Wash your brushes once a week using a brush cleanser.

Brushes included in the Classic Face Set and how to use them:

111 Powder Deluxe
A big powder brush that easily covers large areas of the face and places powder products onto cheeks and temples with precision. The distinctive tapered point makes targeted application effortless. Perfect for highlighting, defining, sculpting, and contouring.

112 Angled Kabuki
An angled face brush with dense hairs, which makes it perfect for creams and liquid products. Ideal for highlighting and enhancing.

114 Tapered Blush
A tapered brush for super-airy application of bronzer, blush, and all sorts of powder products. The pointed brush head makes it perfect for targeted application on cheeks and temples. With its smooth bristles, it diffuses powders seamlessly, leaving behind an airbrushed veil of color without streaking, scratching, or moving product underneath.

115 Round Kabuki
The round shape with more densely packed, long hairs makes this brush optimal for streak-free application. It picks up and releases a perfect amount of liquid or cream foundation as you blend. Round Kabuki can also be used for powder and mineral foundation.

119 Multi Highlight
A multi usage dense brush with short hairs. Perfect for smooth foundation application or sculpting, defining and highlighting. Apply with circular movements to achieve a perfectly even finish. If you're using a mineral or powder foundation, swirl and buff the bristles to work the product into the skin. Can be used with both liquid, cream, and powder products.

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