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Elixir 30 ml
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Rahua Elixir is a rich, 100% natural serum that enhances and transforms all hair types.

Completely clean and unusually rich, Rahua Elixir contains three exotic oils for a 100% natural solution to your toughest hair challenges.

Rahua is a luxurious collection of hair-care products consisting of 100% organic and natural content. All products are free from synthetic ingredients like parabens & sulfates, and only contain certified and sustainable ingredients that are good for your hair and our environment.

Rahua’s secret is the strengthening and nourishing Rahua oil, filled with Omega 9 and nourishing minerals that deliver wonderful results. Rahua oil is extracted by hand by women of Amazonian tribes according to the traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years.

100% natural. 100% vegan. 100% gluten free. 100% free from synthetic ingredients.

30 ml

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