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LH cosmetics

Infinity Tool Box
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Infinity tool box is ideal for all over makeup application and is everything you need for your everyday use. 8 brushes for eyes, brows, face and lips together with the powder puff for perfect finish. All brushes work equally well with powder, wet powder, liquid and cream formulas. LH cosmetics brushes are vegan and made of high-quality synthetic hair with FSC-certified wood handles.

Liner brush 300: Thanks to the elbow-shaped ferrule this brush makes a perfect tool for creating lines and dots. Even the beginner will get pro results with our liner brush.

Precision brush 301: Designed for detailed work. Use it for defining your lips or adding small details on your eye makeup. It is a high precision application brush, can also be used to conceal small blemishes.

Blending brush small 303: The perfect brush for blending smaller areas. The round, compact brush gives control over smaller areas such as under the eyes and can be used as an eyeshadow brush.

Blending brush 304: Designed for blending products. Use it as an all-around eyeshadow brush or for highlighter or concealer.

Applicator brush 305: A dome-shaped applicator brush that works great for applying concealer. It provides precise application and coverage of under-eye darkness, spots and blemishes and can also be used as an eyeshadow applicator.

All over brush 306: A round and fluffy multi-use brush. Perfect sculpting tool for face and eyes. Great for highlighter, contour, blush and eyeshadow.

Finishing brush 310: A soft and fluffy finishing brush. For soft application of powders, blush and bronzers on face or body. The perfect tool to set your makeup and get those perfectly flushed cheeks.

Angled brush 333: This angled brush is perfect for doing your eyebrows, eyeliner, or adding small details.  Makes it easy to draw hair-like strokes. Achieve a natural or dramatic look with the angled brush with its tapered point.

The powder puff: Powder puff makes your powder application flawless and easy. It works great for quick touch-ups and fits even the smallest purse, and it is great for protecting your makeup whilst getting ready. "

Care instructions brushes: Use brush cleanser, schampoo or soap with luke-warm water to clean your brushes frequently. Gently wash with dishwash detergent every now and then for more thorough cleansing. Let the brushes air dry with the bristles downwards.

Care instructions powder puff: Use gentle soap under warm running water or machine wash it cold in a net bag (remove the sponge first) and then leave it out to air dry.

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