We help your skin to heal itself.

REVIDERM is a German skin care brand specializing in skin-identical products and procedures since 1986. With active ingredients, modern skin solutions and scientific results at its core. REVIDERM offers products and care concepts that are individual and tailored to the skin’s natural functionality. For us, the essence of beauty lies in understanding the skin.

The REVIDERM Assortment

That skin is as special and individual as every person is the building block of the REVIDERM assortment.

In the REVIDERM product categories Skinessentials, Skindication, Skintelligence and Skinfinish you will find tailored skin care that suits your unique skin, lifestyle and desired results.

Skinessential - The basis of your everyday skincare.
Skindication - Medical solutions for specific skin problems and skin needs.
Skintelligence - High performance solutions to work with the natural aging process.
Skinfinish - Skincare-inspired make up.

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