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Super Anti- Aging Eye Cream 15 ml
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The SUPER ANTI-AGING EYE CREAM provides immediate and long-term, powerful anti-aging results. It was developed using a unique biomimetic formula that protects the skin barrier function around the delicate eye area. The cream uses precious anti-aging ingredients that target and support the skin's physiological mechanisms, which diminish with age. Persian Silk Tree Extract supports the skin to lift the upper eye lid and helps to reduce the visible appearance of crow’s feet, dark eye circles, bags and puffiness.

Horse Chestnut Flower defends against the formation of eye wrinkles and firms and smoothes the skin. Hyaluronic Acid provides potent hydration, while Korean Ginseng supports collagen production. Potent anti-aging ingredients have a strong anti-oxidative effect and help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Regular usage will leave your eyes looking revived and youthful. The formulation is richer in comparison to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s original EYE CREAM and benefits from the same advanced anti-aging science of Dr. Barbara Sturm's super anti-aging products.

Apply in the morning and evening to cleansed skin. Gently pat into the delicate skin around the eyes.

15 ml

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