Rock Base Nail Hardener & Ridge Filler
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The ultimate hardening nail treatment to strengthen, protect and even out nails’ surfaces.. The rock-solid nail hardener you can depend on to look after your nails. Our Rock Base Nail Hardener & Ridge Filler is formulated to bond to your nails and provide the ultimate in strength. Celery seed extract works to harden and protect. Ridges are filled and moisture is sealed in, so your nails are smooth and supple. Specially formulated to brighten nails and provide a glossy finish, your nails will be noticeably harder, stronger and shinier. Let your nails Rock!. • Bonds to nails to harden, strengthen and protect • Fills in ridges for smooth and supple nails • Seals in moisture to make nails glossy and bright. Celery seed extract – strengthening, thickening, ridge filling and moisturizing.. CRUELTY FREE. CLINICALLY TESTED. FRAGRANCE FREE. VEGAN-FRIENDLY

Apply two thin layers on clean, bare nails. Reapply every 2-3 days, unless you’re wearing nail polish over. Repeat the treatment as often as needed.

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