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At Lyko, we want to be the first choice for all things beauty in every market we operate in. And we're convinced that it will happen thanks to the people at Lyko. That's why we work hard to attract and keep skilled, engaged employees, and to contribute to a society where everyone, no matter the gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. feels seen, heard, and included.

    Together, we build an organization for sustainable growth

    Lyko's story dates all the way back to 1952, when Frans Lyko opened a hair salon in Vansbro, Dalarna. Two generations and half a century later, Lyko is characterized by a strong company culture and a passion for all things beauty. The people at Lyko are driven by bringing forth and supporting the best in people and the world surrounding them. Over the years, a lot has been invested in cultivating a culture that will drive growth but also is cost-effective, flexible, and agile.

    Lyko is Vansbro's biggest employer and has a close collaboration with the Swedish Employment Service regarding recruitment. A focus area has been to find a way to employ newly arrived people together, something that has led to successful employment opportunities.

      We systematically work to ensure a good working environment

      For Lyko, it's a given that all employees should feel safe and secure at work. Lyko has an employee policy that contains guidelines for skills development, wage formation, work formation, equal treatment, as well as alcohol and drug use.

      We also have a work environment policy that describes areas of responsibility and working methods in detail in relation to the company's work environment activities. Based on the Work Environment Act, Lyko has developed a systematic work environment commitment that can be summarized in three different phases: investigate/plan, implement, and follow up/develop. This creates a proactive way of working that reduces the risks of any employee getting in trouble.

      All leaders at Lyko undergo leadership and work environment training and in 2021, an internal leadership lead was hired to take the leadership training further. All new store and salon employees take part in the “Safe in Retail” web training. Store managers, hairdressers and warehouse employees are all offered training in ergonomics.

      It has been a matter of course to have a close collaboration with the unions to keep up the good working environment. In October 2019, Lyko Online in Vansbro, nominated by our employees, received the award for the best workplace in Retail from the union Handels, we couldn't be prouder!

        People with different experiences and perspectives positively contribute to our business

        Lyko aims to be a workplace, where everyone is treated with respect, no matter the gender, non-binary gender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, or age. At Lyko, no form of harassment or discriminatory abuse is tolerated. Lyko aims to have an even gender distribution and the employees should be able to combine their work with parenthood.

        To maintain equal treatment in all operations, Lyko has a Gender equality and diversity plan as well as a Protocol for dealing with discriminatory abuse. In the Gender equality and diversity plan, Lyko has both set specific goals and an action plan to reach these goals. This means that Lyko oversees the recruitment and skills development to achieve a more even gender distribution and more diversity among employees. Lyko's protocol for dealing with discriminatory abuse contains definitions and guidelines for both preventing discriminatory abuse and dealing with potential and actual discriminatory abuse. Lyko's efforts against discriminatory abuse are part of the introduction for new employees.

          It should be easy to do the right thing

          The Lyko Code contains the company's ethical guidelines for how we should behave toward each other, business partners, and in society. The purpose is to make it easy to do the right thing. The code applies to all employees and is a tool for implementing our values and internal policies.

          Lyko's executive team has the overall responsibility for the Lyko Code, but all employees are responsible for complying with the Lyko Code, as well as applicable laws and policies. Department heads are responsible for passing down the information to the organization and the closest manager should support the employee in ethical issues.

          Learn more about the Lyko Code here >

            We blow the whistle if something is seriously wrong

            Should someone not comply with our ethical guidelines, we want to know as soon as possible to correct and prevent. Lyko's employees have an important role to play here to intercept potential wrongdoings in our operations. We primarily encourage our coworkers to turn to their closest manager with more information, but Lyko also offers the possibility to anonymously report via a whistleblowing system. The whistleblowing system is managed by an external party.
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