Social Commitment

For Lyko, a conscious commitment to sustainability is always accompanied by a strong social commitment. That has been the case ever since (what would later become) Lyko saw the light of day in 2003. We find it important to take responsibility and give back to the local community – also moving forward.

    Supporting Unicef and UNHCR's work in Ukraine

    At the start of the war in Ukraine, Lyko donated money to UNICEF, but also immediately initiated measures to be able to further contribute in a more structured way. Since then, we have given our customers the possibility to directly donate to charities at checkout. Initially, we have chosen to channel all support to Unicef and UNHCR's work in Ukraine.

    Learn more about Unicef's and UNHCR's important work here.

      Supporting associations and clubs in Dalarna

      Lyko is Vansbro's biggest employer in the private sector and highly engaged in contributing to local associations and clubs as well as supporting children and youth activities. Our logo embellishes the soccer clubs in Vansbro and Dala-Järna for example.


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