Lyko's ambition is to be a sustainable company in every aspect. That means we work to minimize any negative impact on humans and the environment that Lyko has, as well as adding value and making a positive difference in the communities we operate in. Lyko aims to be an appealing employer and to act as a good citizen of the community. Our ambition is to offer products and services that are good for humans and the environment.

    We demand a lot from our suppliers

    Having demands on our suppliers is an important part of our risk management strategy and one way we take responsibility as a company. That's why Lyko has a “Supplier Code of Conduct” included in all agreements with suppliers, which in turn includes requirements regarding human rights, working conditions, environment, and business ethics. Parallel to this, there are supplementary agreements for product responsibility, which means that the supplier is responsible for ensuring that the products and the marketing material that the supplier delivers to Lyko comply with all laws and regulations in Sweden, e.g., the product and packaging labels. The supplier is responsible in case of product withdrawal.

      We care about health and safety

      All cosmetic products sold at Lyko comply with the requirements of the EU regulation on cosmetic products. The regulation on cosmetics focuses on consumer health and safety. If a consumer suffers any undesired, serious consequence after using a cosmetic product despite this, it should be reported to the Swedish Medical Products Agency in accordance with the cosmetics regulation.
      When it comes to Lyko's own products, the company goes beyond legislation and has a list of substances prohibited from its own products: either because they are allergen or because they have a negative impact on the environment.

        We don't sell any animal-tested products

        Within the EU, it has been prohibited to test cosmetic products on animals since 2004, and since March 11, 2013, it is also prohibited to sell animal-tested products in the EU. Of course, Lyko complies with this regulation.

          We use 100% renewable energy

          Roughly 97 percent of the retail stores have LED lighting today, which reduces electricity consumption and improves heat flow. All electricity in Lyko's stores, offices, and warehouse comes from 100 percent renewable resources like water, wind, and sun.

            We safely dispose of cosmetic waste

            All stores and hair salons have systems to ensure safe disposal of cosmetic waste in place. Cosmetic waste includes nail polish, nail polish remover, products in spray bottles and hair color among other things.

              We're a part of the One Bag Habit initiative

              Lyko is committed to reducing plastic bag consumption and contributing to reduced littering and a more sustainable use of resources. That's why we're a part of the One Bag Habit initiative, which means that we apply a fee for our plastic bags and inform customers about the environmental impact of plastic bags. We’re also changing to more sustainably produced plastic bags.

                We use recycled fiber boxes

                In 2021, approximately 3.8 million parcels were dispatched from the central warehouse in Vansbro. The boxes we use for product packaging are made of 100% recycled fiber, produced with material that is recycled three times.

                Lyko's employees always aim to pack the customer orders in the smallest possible packaging to minimize shipping of air and based on their insights, we continuously adapt the box sizes. Some of Lyko's products, such as scented candles and perfumes, are fragile and need extra wrapping. To minimize the need for wrapping, the size of the box is always adapted to the order.

                In 2020, we cut the thickness of our four smallest boxes in half, from 3 mm to 1.5 mm, corresponding to a reduction of 1,670 pallets per year, and 34 less trucks going into the warehouse. To save space in the warehouse, weekly refills of packaging have been introduced, which in turn has enabled Lyko's logistics partner to schedule and fill the trucks with deliveries to our customers on return trips.

                Since 1994, the directive of producer responsibility for packaging waste applies, that includes the packaging delivered to Lyko. Lyko uses TMR, a company with nationwide collection and recycling systems that meet all requirements of the law.

                  All our deliveries 
                  in Sweden are fossil free

                  “There is no planet B, there is no planet blah, blah, blah.” – We're with Greta on this one. That's why we only offer fossil-free shipping methods to our customers in Sweden. This applies all the way from our warehouse to your pickup point, whether mailbox, home delivery, or smart box. We're the first e-retailer in Sweden to do so, and we hope that more companies will follow our example and speed up the transition into fossil-free alternatives. We stay committed and work closely with our distributors outside of Sweden to be able to have the same offer available to all customers in Europe in the near future.

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