We're gonna be the GREATEST.

Big words, sure, but that's the way we think at Lyko every day. We want to conquer the world, you see. At least the part of the world that loves beauty. Today, we're the leading Nordic e-commerce company in the beauty industry, PLUS, we have 32 wholly owned stores in Sweden and Norway and two own factories manufacturing beauty products. And we have only just begun! World, here we come!


To be the first choice for hair care and beauty in all the markets where we operate.

Business Idea

To be a pioneer in the beauty industry and offer the best customer experience along with the widest product selection.


To grow 15-20 percent annually in the medium term, and to reach a turnover of SEK 10 billion in 2028.

We're always here for you

You are – and always will be – the best thing that ever happened to us. Yes, we're talking about you; our biggest Lyko fan. You, who thoughtfully add your items to your online shopping cart. You, who visit our stores or pamper yourself with a wonderful treatment in one of our beauty salons. You, who share your best beauty hacks on Lyko Social. Cheers to you! We're always here for you and promise to do everything in our power to give you an AMAZING experience you'll never forget. Like 100% lucky buzz. Or maybe… Lyko buzz?

Our E-shop

This may not come as a surprise – you're already here after all. But you might not have known that 87 percent (!) of our total sales was through last year. Not strange at all when you can find more than 55,000 beauty products from more than 1000 brands here?!

Our Stores and Salons

We don't just have an online presence, but also about 30 stores and salons in Sweden and Norway. Apart from touching and squeezing plenty of wonderful products, you can also let one of our 70 hair stylists touch up your hair or give your skin some TLC with the help of one of our estheticians here!

Our Community

The member club Lyko Social? It's so much more than that. Imagine a social network where you can hang out with other beauty junkies and share your hacks, advice, and opinions about our products. Becoming a member is the cleverest thing you can do if you love hair, skin, and fragrance!

Our Warehouse

We stay on the rails here, literally. In 2020, we moved in to a new, highly-automated warehouse in Vansbro – which made it possible for us to deliver more than 3.8 million customer orders last year – and now, nearly two years later, we start the work with expanding the area to 40,000 sqm – three times the size! Cool, right?

Every Way Is Okay at Lyko

Beauty is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, fun, wonderful, and enjoyable. On the other hand, hard, anxious, and uncertain. What are the rules? What's in and what's out, and what's so out of style that it's suddenly in again? As one of the leading beauty companies worldwide, we have an answer. That is, there are no answers. In our world, there are no rules, no keys, just thousands of possible ways to do things – and that's okay. What's yours?

2 Billion+ and Counting...

It took us eleven years to reach our first billion in turnover, but only two more years to reach our second billion. Fast pace over here! There's almost always something going on and we continue to grow like crazy.


In 2021, we had a turnover of approx. SEK 2.1 billion – an increase of 28.8% compared to the year before! Since 2017, we are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier Growth Market.


Today, we exist in eight countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands. Sweden is our biggest market and Norway a close second, nice!


With over 55,000 beauty products from more than 1000 brands, we are proud to say that we offer the widest beauty product selection on the market. Sweet!


We like our customers at Lyko. No, scratch that – we LOVE our customers at Lyko! Today, we have about 3 million customers, and 2 million of them are members of our club.


Last year, we packed and delivered 10,400 orders a day on average. Yes, that's right, that makes 3.8 million orders shipped over the course of the year. Not bad, right?!


Today, we have almost 1000 fantastic LykoStars working with us! Together, we are driven by promoting and supporting the best in every human – The Lyko Way!

Lyko's Own Strong Brands

At Lyko, we like brands! Others', and our own. However, it takes time to build solid brands and to develop the products. That's why we have acquired several, already existing, strong brands and in the future, we see big opportunities to further expand our growing portfolio of Own Brands. So stay tuned – something new may be coming soon!

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