Culture Is People

Culture. Those deeply rooted things in a company. Or rather in the people perhaps. At Lyko, the culture is present in everything we do, everything we stand for, how we act toward each other, our customers, and our suppliers. We call it “The Lyko Way”, and are convinced it's a very important reason for our success!

    The Lyko Way

    This is just how it is. We are all different. Here at Lyko as well. We have different experiences, personalities, and perspectives. At the same time, there are probably many of us who work here because we dig the company culture at Lyko. It's something we like to call The Lyko Way, which in turn, consists of five Fs – it's simply how we do things. But it's not the particular words that are important, it's how you act on them in everyday life. Because words have no meaning until you can see, feel, and live them!

    Life is too short to be bored.

    Make sure to enjoy the journey – wherever it takes you! Forget all things stress and pressure and remember: It's not all that serious.
    It's only beauty products.

    Sharing Is Caring.

    You're good, maybe even better than good, but you're never better than anybody else. So, let go of prestige and share your knowledge. Make others feel seen and appreciated and boost and promote all the good qualities in the people around you!

    Impact First.

    “Hockey is a fast game AND so is Lyko”, like we always say. Growth + speed + many good ideas and opportunities = new, fast-flying pucks all the time. And we think it will always be like this here. But you can't do it all at once. So, what to do? Focus on the shots with the biggest impact! Ignore the rest or let them go for now at least.

    Better an oops than a what if.

    When you hit rock bottom and feel like a complete failure, remember that you are more than enough. You are unique and totally FAB! And you know what? Mistake = no big deal, OK? No one is perfect, not even you (crazy, huh?) but most things can be figured out, and hopefully you learned something new!

    Most of the time, you need to try in order to succeed.

    Last, but definitely not least: believe that you are LUCKY in life – and you are more likely to be just that! Keep a positive attitude and be open to seizing the opportunities and luck and timing will be on your side. THAT is our rock-hard belief! Do you agree?

    Still not sure what characterizes Lyko? What do we sound, taste, and smell like? Well, we might not smell like anything in particular 😉, but what makes us different compared to other companies? Check out the video clip above and listen to Moa Wictorén, Chief Human Resources Officer at Lyko, talk about what The Lyko Way actually means.

      The Lyko Code

      At Lyko, we trust one another! At the same time, it's important for us to clearly communicate what we stand for and what expectations we have on how we act and behave towards each other, our business partners, and the surrounding community. That's why we have come up with the Lyko Code. It's based on our core values and flows through our entire organization and everything we do, every day!

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