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Wonder Blading peel and reveal Lip Tint Kit Lovely
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Wonderskin lip stain kit is stunning, ultra pigmented lip colour that last all day. High-tech vegan formula hyper-stains for touch-up-free color that does not stain. It keeps your lips soft and hydrated for hours. Responsibly formulated with safe ingredients. Each lab-perfected color works with your own chemistry to create a shade that’s unique to you. The result feels like there is nothing extra on the lips.
WONDER BLADING is a quick and easy at-home alternative to microblading, the semi-permanent tattoo technique that creates the appearance of fuller brows or a lip color. Professional microblading services can cost thousands of dollars and the results last up to three years—a big commitment. WONDER BLADING’s formula gives you similar-looking results that last for hours yet come off easily with an oil-based makeup remover.

Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, waterproof

WONDER BLADING for Lips uses our patented Liquid Blading technology, which works in two phases:

1. Step 1, the gel Lip Masque, infuses the top layer of lips with an ultra-high concentration of colorants and pigments, far more than what most traditional lipsticks and lip stains contain. While other stains often use alcohol-based dyes to create long-lasting color, our gel formula is water-based and alcohol-free, so it won’t dry out your lips.
2. Step 2, the Lip Activator mist, triggers a hyper-stain reaction with the Lip Masque that seals the pigments and colorants into your lips, so once you Peel and Reveal your shade, it’s now waterproof, transfer-proof, and budge-proof for up to 10 hours without any touch-ups.

4 ml

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