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Omega 9 Hairmask 120 ml
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A wonderful organic hair mask that nurtures and strengthens damaged hair and gives it a healthy, shiny finish. This hair treatment contains Ungurahua oil, rich in Omega 9, that consists of mini molecules that instead of coating the hair, penetrates it to give optimal care. Your hair is hydrated, feels stronger and healthier, with a shiny finish!

The hair mask contains sunflower oil that helps soften hair, while eucalyptus provides a relaxing feel and radiance. Leaves your hair cared for and healthy and gives you an aromatic experience that acts relaxing while the mask does its job.

100% natural.

100% vegan.


Use 1 a week by generously applying from scalp to ends and leave on for 5-15 minutes. Then rinse. For extra effect, wrap your hair in a towel while using the mask.

120 ml

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