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    Good idea, poor execution for high price

    I am working out guy. I try to find the most functional products, which feel well after the gym. I really wanted to like the products. The concept, the target, all is fine. The founder as the sportsman made cool idea, to be functional as Nike for the clothing and shoes. Execution - sorry for words but cheap and cheerful compositions for high price. Where shall I start?
    Shower gel - no difference to any standard low cost shower gels. SLES, CAPB. Oh yes, minerals. But the need of minerals inside the body is not equivalent for outside the body. We need them inside the body, but how they are to enter through the skin? Well they wash off. Here I can smack the "no beauty claims". Those minerals are not more than beauty claim. With consideration as we gym goers wash often, using lot of water, I could expect extra care for the skin, protecting. And certainly care of the waters we use, biodegradable, mild. What this product represents is not more than cheap shower gel.
    Antiperspirant - standard aluminium chorhydrate. What is better here than Rexona or Dove? Castor oil? If the product is to target active people, maybe the heat activation, extra freshness or no smear over the clothes would be welcome?
    Alcohol spray... Well, try to walk with the bottle of the hairpray in the pocket in the gym. Did someone think, how the product is used? I am sure as not. There are pocket spray bottles.
    Foam for the hands - good idea. But how different it is product than foot cream? Because the foam absorbs poorly and leaves hands still sticky.

    And on top... Two of the products are scented, two not. Yyyy, why? Why not all or none?
    As I read, the scent was described as fresh grapefruit. What is written on the packages? Fresh grape. Färska druvor. Maybe good enough for some as the shortcut, but that is simply mistake. Grapefruit is certainly not grape.
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    • för 2 år sedan
      4. Foam for the hands - ”But how different it is product than foot cream?”
      Not that much. You need intense moisturizing effect. Our Hand Mousse is packed with Shea Butter (antioxidants) and Urea (humectant, skin conditioning).
      Regarding fatness. It’s a trade of: effect vs stickiness. But, yeah it has room for improvement.

      5. Scent - ”Two of the products are scented, two not. Yyyy, why? Why not all or none?”
      The Hand Mousse is the only one free from perfume. Perfume oil adds more oiliness to the foam, and we don’t want that.

      6. ”As I read, the scent was described as fresh grapefruit. What is written on the packages? Fresh grape.”
      LOL! Yes, you are correct. And not the first to point this out. It has been updated. It is now printed Fresh Grapefruit on the bottles :D

      7. ”High price”
      Are you sure? I do not what you compare it to. We are on the lower end of the scale if you compare our products to alternatives here on LYKO. We have a fair price structure. All our products is sold in the range from €6 to €12.
      If you are looking to really really cheap products - Moss & Noor is not for you :D

      I would love to have a further chat with you! My email is Don’t be a stranger!

      Tom Flumé
      Founder and CEO Moss & Noor
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    Bra Ge bort-paket. Snygg presentbox också! Syns inte på bilden dock
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Moss & Noor
After Workout
Collection Box

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499 kr
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After Workout Collection Box är ett prova på-paket med alla produkter i After Workout-serien.

Boxen innehåller:
Hand Mousse 100 ml
Deodorant, Fresh Grapefruit 60 ml
Shower Gel, Fresh Grape 150 ml
Handsprit spray 125 ml
I paketet ingår totalt fyra (4) produkter.

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