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Floral Blush Edp Eau de parfum 30 ml

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Coach Floral Blush is a furthe r development of the popular, original Coach Floral. A new s cent for the woman who cares a bout what's on the inside as w ell as the outside. She follow s her dreams thoughtfully. Coach Floral Blush - a new breat h of femininity. A new, femini ne, elegant, and seductive air y flowery and woody scent, tha t connects sparkly notes of goji berry with peony and sensua l white wood notes. Did you k now? The bottle is shaped simi lar to the previous, character istic Coach scents. The charm of the Tea Rose makes Coach Fl oral Blush's feminine, oval bo ttle an ode to the characteris tic design, that served as ins piration for the scent and pays tribute to the iconic Coach codes. The turn-lock spray cap is a nod to the original clos ure, which was first used on C oach bags in 1954, while the Coach horse and carriage - a sy mbol of the brand's rich histo ry of craftmanship - is engrav ed in the glass of the bottle. As a special finish: a beauti ful, pink leather tag, just li ke the ones that since the 197 0's have been on every Coach b ag. The elegant, ultra cute a nd feminine box, where Tea Ros es in different shades of pink are embossed on a structured leather print, reflects the ic onic leather craftmanship that is visible in every Coach bag , and also includes the horse and carriage logo.

30 ml
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