Chrome Series Handle + 1 Matte Black
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Our premium metal handle is perfectly weighted and sculpted with a sturdy grip for a precise, comfortable shave every time.

The Defender metal handle is made from one single piece die-cast of solid alloy zinc and with 3 layers of Chrome plating for a better look, durability, long-lasting, and corrosion resistance. Our solid metal base is sold separately, it will display your new razor proudly on your bathroom countertop.

The Defender metal handle is installed with a flexible blade cartridge that has an adaptive blade suspension, which allows every blade to stay in contact with your skin at all times, following every curve for maximum protection, closeness, and comfort. Defender Blade is a Clog-Free, Easy-Rinse cartridge that has extra-wide spacing between each blade to allow for effortless cleaning. You'll get more strokes with less rinsing, eliminating mess and saving you time. Unique embedded safety guards on each blade protect your skin while shaving and help prevent nicks, cuts, and irritation.

Defender handles are compatible with all Defender blade cartridges.


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