Reed Diffuser White
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A seamless blend of uplifting, citrusy notes and sweet undertones, creates an energising aroma for mind and body. The prominent scent of sweet orange takes centre stage, infusing the air with a vibrant and sunny ambiance.

Follow these instructions to enjoy the scent
in your home for up to 4 months.
- Shake the oil bottle before opening
- Slowly pour the oil into the vase
- Add the reeds to the vase ensuring they are immersed in the oil
- The oil will slowly be drawn up the reeds,
releasing a subtle fragrance into your home
- Wait 24 hours for the scent to spread
- Turn reeds every 2-3 weeks
- Place on stable flat suface, ensuring reeds
do not touch anything else. Use mat under
vase to prevent ring marks

150 ml


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