OTC 6.61 Dark Blonde Chestnut Ash
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Dénuée hair tinting
Just like Oalia but so much more.
100% Vegan
90% Organic content
A completely new water-based formula.
100% environmentally friendly packaging.

Easy to work with and requires less water when rinsing

For up to 2 applications / uses:
2 application bottles with DÉNUÉE Activating Cream Refresh (activator) (2 x 60 ml) 1 tube DÉNUÉE Ammonia free toning (60 ml) 2 pairs of plastic gloves

Dénuéé OTC has a higher hydrogen content than OALIA.

When using cold, gray colors on light colored hair, you should consider to shorten the effective time slightly due to the higher hydrogen content.

- Dénuée gives a more intense color
- Dénuée gives better cover
- Dénuée may be perceived as darker
- It may be necessary to recommend one shade lighter
- Dénuée lasts longer

Instructions for use:
For a more intense result, the mixture should be applied to dry hair. For a more subtle result, the mixture is applied to damp, towel-dried hair. Wear plastic gloves. Squeeze a ½ tube (30 ml) of the color cream into one of the application bottles containing the activation cream. Close the application bottle and shake it thoroughly until you get an even mixture. Break off the top of the applicator bottle and apply the paint mixture evenly at the roots, starting at the neck and finishing at the temples. Then spread the mixture over the entire hair. Let the mixture work for 20-30 minutes. It is important to follow the duration of action, do not exceed it. When the action time has expired, the hair is rinsed thoroughly and plenty of lukewarm water. To get a better and more lasting result, the hair is rinsed thoroughly and plenty of lukewarm water. To get a better and more lasting result, the hair should be washed with a shampoo for colored hair.

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